Qualia Literary & Art Journal

The Art of Cooking

Once I told your fortune from steam
rising, released from carrots,
ginger, garlic, and sage. Yellow scum
embraced cashews softening
in turmeric, stained my predictions: You
will plant groves of citrus, unfurl
a fallen lemon and make the peel
your home. Roots will be
very important. Stay within the sun’s ambit—
you never listened, but sage
cleaned out your skull.


About the Author
Jessica Reidy is a MFA candidate at Florida State University, where she teaches Rhetoric and Composition, and is the Art Editor of the Southeast Review. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in The Los Angeles Review, Arsenic Lobster, Quail Bell and other literary journals. She earned her BA in English and Creative Writing from Hollins University where she won the Nancy Thorp Poetry Prize and the Hollins Creative Talent Award. She is a Kripalu Yoga Teacher, and a traditional Romani fortune teller of mixed heritage, taught by her grandmother. She lives with her husband, Len, who she met in Ireland while she was traveling in Europe, and they continue to adventure around as much as they can. She is currently working on her first novel.

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