Qualia Literary & Art Journal


The shore is freckled pink
as they drift in with the tide.
I wish I, like you, could ignore
the masses, bulbous and iridescent,
and let the waves graze my feet.

You run to me, lacing your fingers
through mine, leading me until
we’re standing with feet submerged,
our painted nails like sequined
mermaid scales.

As you wade deeper I dig
in my heels, fearful that the water
might steal me away
the way the horizon does
the setting sun.

Your head bobs above the surface
your tiny hand signals me to swim
and I think I should be the one
calling you out to sea crying
sister, it’s okay.


About the Author
Chelsea is a senior at the University of Mary Washington, majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in Museum Studies. After graduating in May, she plans to hopefully attend grad school and eventually work in a museum.