Qualia Literary & Art Journal

What is Qualia?

Qualia [ˈkwɑːliə] or [ˈkweɪliə] – plural of quale
A psychological term with philosophical implications, qualia is defined as properties or qualities (e.g. pain or the color red) that are subjectively perceived or experienced by a person.

Our Mission
What makes an experience unique? No one person will ever fully know what it is like to “take a walk in someone else’s shoes,”  but we can aspire to understand through vivid prose, poetry and visual art. Qualia is a student-run literary and art journal at the University of Mary Washington that seeks to explore the essence of the unknown individual experience through fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and photography that demonstrates rich, sensory detail.

In forming Qualia Literary & Art Journal our team of editors believed that the greatest moments in life come from exploration and discovery. We are happy to present to you work that we believe achieves that goal.

Our Editors
Once strangers, now friends, our team vaulted unexpected hurdles to bring this journal to life. Click here to learn more.